Get Involved

We invite you to make Alternative Women's Center your platform for ministry in the area of protecting life.

Many have teamed up with us in prayer, in volunteering, in equipping themselves with our materials for addressing both women considering abortion, and women who have had abortions.

9 Things You Can Do Now

  1. Learn what to say to someone who's considering abortion and what to say to someone who has had an abortion. Learn how to download our iPhone Resource App or visit our Facebook Page for helpful conversation starters. 
  2. Organize a "baby shower" for the Clinic for your friends, small group, church, etc. to provide new items for the gift bags we give to moms when the baby is born. These include onesies, new outfits, baby shampoo, books, basic supplies, and definitely baby diapers. We are always in need of diaper sizes 3-6 at our clinic. View map >
  3. Organize a Baby Bottle Drive: Support the lives of babies and mothers by holding a "Change for Life" Baby Bottle Campaign in your Sunday school, preschool, or Bible Study Class. Your donations will be used to save the lives of babies and impact the lives of their mothers. You will be asked to distribute baby bottles to be filled with change, bills or checks during a specific period of time and then returned to you. Call or email Cana Aeschbacher to arrange a baby bottle campaign. 760-741-9796 or 
  4. Network with friends, teachers and student groups in all of your spheres of influence, to let them know you are prolife. As you gain the reputation of someone who cares about life, people will be asking you where they/their friend/their niece/granddaughter, etc. can get help. God can use you as a resource!

    Facebook about us. Link to our YouTube Videos
  5. Arrange for a speaker from the Clinic to come address the groups you are involved group, civic group, etc. You can also host a screening of our new video at your home or church group View Videos >
  6. Inform your church about the pregnancy services and post abortion services offered at alternatives. Ask them to put a link to our patient website,, on their church website.  Ask them to recognize Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in January.
  7. Help inform Men. They need to know we are here, too.  It's their girlfriends/wives who need our help. Bring us to your mens group.
  8. Pray for the ministry of alternatives womens center.  Ask God to bring the abort-intent women to us.  Ask Him to close down those doing abortions.
  9. Financially support the ministry through monthly, quarterly, annual gifts. Donate >